Built-in technology and engine


John Deere
Since 1975, John Deere, the off-highway diesel engine specialist, has also been developing customised solutions for boat owners with the added advantage of tried and tested industrial expertise and a vast, reliable network worldwide. Thanks to their outstanding torque, proven robustness, fuel consumption - one of the lowest on the market - and easy maintenance, our engines are your best bet day in and day out. This is why more and more people are choosing John Deere throughout the world.

Hybrid drive
On request we will equip your CRUISING HOME with a diesel-hybrid-drive. Here you may choose between a water-cooled electric drive with 30 kW and a solar package which is supported by a generator or the conventional diesel engine which is powered in parallel shaft by an electromotor.

Outboard motor
In the model range Traveller 1200 we are able to install a powerful outboard pusher motor which is for sure a praiseworthy alternative for slow-flowing waters.

Power generator
Robust liability, high quality and innovation made „Cummins-Onan“ marine generators within 70 years the worldwide market leader. The generators are optimally sound-protected, they have low-vibration and fulfil the highest emission standards. “Cummins-Onan” has established the world’s largest support network.

ZF Marine in Friedrichshafen is one of the best known gear manufacturers of the world. We install mechanical gears with an extra gentle clutch and an oil lubricated wave machine in the single-pass batch system.

Outdoor technology

Shipsonic – biological antifouling
The regular clearing of algae, mussels and barnacles of the underwater part of a ship is one of the most expensive maintenance works on ships. We equip your CRUISING HOME with a “SHIPSONIC ultrasonic”. The ships’ hull will be faintly and environmentally friendly pulsed with ultrasound and the fouling is stopped over the long term.

Bow and stern thruster
Provided with a bow thruster you can easily and safely dock your CRUISING HOME in every port. We are installing a “quick bow thruster” as a standard feature, which can be dynamically regulated (speed-dependant) and fixed with a joystick. The bracket of the stern thruster is also featured as standard and (but) can be retrofitted in a later stage.

Telescope stake anchor
Most of the time, anchoring is a complex and dirty undertaking. Upon request we can implement a telescope stake anchor – a long steel tube (2 – 4 metres) is letting down to the ground with a chain block and fixes the ship. At just one press of a button, the telescopic tube retracts.

Solar installation
At your request, we can equip the roof of your CRUISING HOME with solar panels. These can be both used to supply the power circuit on-board but also to sell the electricity.

Optionally a low-noise windmill can be installed to gain further electricity from renewable energies.

Smart on-board systems
Depending on how your CRUISING HOME will be used, we can install nautical like autopilot, radar, radio and chart plotter but also intelligent control systems like the control of heating via smartphone, monitoring or a webcam can be optionally included.

Indoor technology

Oil central heating
„KABOLA heating systems“ has been a well-known player in the sector of heating systems for more than 60 years now. They are specialising in the commercial navigation, heating for ships as well as oil- and diesel heat for yachts. The KABOLA combi boilers are suited very well for the heating of ships with a hot-water heating system is required. You have the choice between conventional radiators and an underfloor heating.

Power supply
„Victron Energy“ products have an unrivalled good reputation, in relation to technical innovation as well as reliability and execution quality. “Victron Energy” offers you a broad range of products that are perfectly suitable for your on-board power supply system.

Self-sufficient water supply
Independent of every marina infrastructure you can produce your own drinking water or also 100% safely treat your wastewater. It’s a good feeling to be in harmony with the environment.

Special equipment

Webasto panoramic roof
A special feature is the „Webasto panorama sliding roof”: When clicking on the button, a big glass sliding roof opens in the living area. This way you can observe the starry sky from your dining table.

Air conditioning
Depending on the application, for example as an office or a floating showroom, we can also install air conditioning or solar heating which can be connected to the domestic hot water system via heat recovery.

Bathing platform
A bathing platform of Nirosta material can be fitted on the stern of the ship. This bathing platform can be installed so that is statically or can be folded away so that it is easy to get into or out of the water. With this you can also transport a jet ski or a tender.

Boat garage
On Explorer series we can also install a boat garage for a RIB (Rigid inflatable boat) in the rear of the CRUISING HOME.

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