For the past 40 years, The SRF shipyard in Harlingen (Netherlands) has been manufacturing a broad range of steel yachts following the wishes of their customers. The brand CRUISING HOME was initiated in 2013.

Our claim and our passion are founded on the uncompromising philosophy to construct driving houseboats which are designed like a “real house”. These customized ships embodies advanced technology, love for detail and timeless elegance. The overall result is a property of high quality and sustainability for generations. Enjoy the difference.


CRUSING HOME International is a 100% subsidiary of SRF shipyard and builds these ships in construction period of 5 to 6 months. Marketing, sales and consulting in Germany is handled by the Marina Düsseldorf Sales & Rental. Based in the Düsseldorf media port for more than 40 years, this company itself has own berths and a workshop for specific expansions.

Both partners are working in a well-grounded network and are offering the following services:

  • Construction of CRUSING HOME and other houseboats
  • Cooperation with leading maritime architects
  • Refit and special rebuilds of ships
  • Renting and mediation of international berths (Marinas)
  • Worldwide transports of CRUISING HOME

Social responsibility

Living on water means loving the water. It required us to respect and to protect this increasingly valuable resource. We are aware of the fact that not only rivers, coasts and seas but the entire global climate must be protected. In cooperation with our maritime architects, we use all of our innovative resources to minimize the environmental impact of our boats.

The new generation of Traveller and Explorer is already equipped with an energy-saving Diesel-solar power, which is almost noiseless in operation.

We are looking forward to the implementation of future projects with you.

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