Shipping routes and boat docks

We have a vast European network of inland waterways which you can safely enter with your CRUISING HOME Traveller or Explorer. The Certification as pleasure craft allows you to moor every Marina worldwide and to drive on just as you wish. The Floater is fixed and can be used as a house or office all year round in a location of your choice (upon consultation with the Marina). We will be pleased to provide a berth for each of the three houseboats.

Here are some possibilities of shipping routes and boat docks

  • Floater
    Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Antwerp and others
  • Traveller
    Quiet waters like: Moselle, Main, Danube, Neckar, Elbe, inland canals, Berlin, Thames, Rhône, Ijssel, Marseille, Paris, Düsseldorf and others
  • Explorer
    Dangerous waters and seas, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, London, St Petersburg, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea (coastal)

Have a new and relaxing lifestyle which makes every day a new experience.

Your partner for berths in North Rhine-Westphalia
Marina Düsseldorf (Phone: +49 221 - 305 216)
Address: Am Handelshafen 30, 40221 Düsseldorf

Your partner for berths around Berlin
Jopp Yachting (Phone: +49 30 - 365 047 76)
Address: Scharfe Lanke 109, 13595 Berlin

Your partner for berths in the Neterlands
Verkoopkantoor en haven Goliath
Watersportboulevard 't Ges in Sneek
Hendrik Bulthuisweg 2
8606 KB Sneek

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