Your benefits of CRUISING HOME

Traditional yachts and houseboats as serial products for off-road leisure are designed to underlie a rapid loss of value. The idea of CRUISING HOME is based on a new philosophy: „the development and institutional of sustainable values“. Designed and constructed like a real customized house, you are investing in a so-called movable which ensures you, depending on the location, a long-term extra income. There are lots of new things to discover – read more here.

10 unique beneftis

1. Sustainable generation product

Living carefree - thanks to a durable and solid steel construction we grant you a 25 year guarantee on the hull. This is unique.

2. Safety – whatever the weather

Through high-quality and solid design in combination with its massive steel anchor, even rough ambient conditions can do no harm to your CRUISING HOME. Good to know.

3. Clean, renewable energies

Equipped with solar panels you can enjoy the comfort of fending yourself. Diversion of excess produced electricity into the power grid – just clever!

4. Living self-sufficiently and ecologically

Independent of every marina infrastructure you can produce your own drinking water or also 100% safely treat your wastewater. It’s a good feeling to be in harmony with the environment.

5. Healthy and soothing indoor climate

Thanks to a steel construction and organic insulating materials, you are enjoying an indoor climate without harmful foreign odours.

6. Healthy ecological environment

Sustainable and ecologically acceptable technologies like algae protection using ultrasound or a biological sewage treatment are helping to protect the environment. Simply feels good.

7. Upgrade any time

Every CRUSING HOME is constructed in such a way that install new emerging techniques (like Li-Ion, storage, solar, fuel cells, hybrid etc.) can be installed at all times.

8. Variable at any time

Due to the modular design (steel body with movable partition walls), you can always convert your CRUISING HOME for new purposes: as a floating office, holiday apartment, showroom or event location – flexibility is the key.

9. Your CRUISING HOME as pension plan

As an innovative „movable“ CRUISING HOME offers the unbeatable advantage of a profitable holiday apartment at the world’s most attractive locations. Make money and share the joy of a unique lifestyle.

10. 360 degree service

We can offer you an extensive pan-European support service within 48 hours for a feeling of safety.

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